when it comes to choosing the right suppliers there are always lots of questions to ask

Ive complied a list below to hopefully answer the ones you may want to ask me before messaging, of course if its not listed pop me a message and ill gladly answer!



My photography style is all about capturing the essence of your day as it unfolds—embracing the details that weave together to tell your unique
story. I prioritize candid, in-the-moment shots that transport you back to those special memories. While I adore capturing portraits of you both, I completely respect your preferences. If posed portraits aren't your thing, we can skip them altogether!
I'm here to assist and adapt to your wishes. Whether it's orchestrating stunning staged group shots or embracing a more spontaneous, fun approach, I'm flexible to ensure your vision is realized.
Professionalism is key to me—I collaborate seamlessly with your other vendors and the venue. My aim is to work discreetly, ensuring I capture the essence of your day without intruding on your moments.
Expect my images to radiate warmth, happiness, and emotion—each one a genuine reflection of the moments as they happened. Ultimately, my goal is to craft a visual narrative that vividly illustrates the beautiful story of your day.


I pour my heart and soul into your wedding journey—before, du
ring, and even after the big day. It's not just about those hours of the wedding itself; it's an investment that spans a comprehensive 40 hours or more, from our very first interaction to the moment I deliver your completed gallery.

My approach is all about being friendly, warm, and reassuring—I'm here to ensure you feel supported every step of the way. Quick responses to your messages are a given, and as a mom, caring for each new client becomes a personal commitment, much like nurturing a new "baby" through this beautiful journey.

On your wedding day, my experience speaks volumes. I come prepared with backup equipment and a range of lenses to capture stunning moments. Beyond snapping photos, I'm there to chat with the lone granddad, dance with the aunties, and play with the children. It's all about being part of your celebration, making sure everyone feels included and comfortable.

My reviews often highlight my guidance and support throughout the day, gently steering you both to create breathtaking galleries. Every wedding is a learning experience for me—I work hard and consistently strive to make the next one even more memorable.

While I may stay in the background, rest assured, you'll feel my presence. That means you'll end up with an array of lovely images capturing heartfelt moments for Grandma and those candid shots you might have thought I hadn't seen! Trust me, those are often the most cherished ones!


I completely understand the worry of unexpected illness, but rest assured, I've got contingency plans in place to ensure your day remains as magical as you've envisioned. If, by a rare chance, I'm unwell on your wedding day, I have a network of talented friends within the industry who I trust to step in seamlessly. They'll be briefed with the detailed plans we've discussed, ensuring they're as informed as I am, and they'll capture the day in line with my style. Once they've captured the moments, I'll take care of the editing to maintain consistency and deliver images that reflect your day authentically.
In the rare instance that my children might need me due to illness, I'm fortunate to have a strong family network to support them. Your wedding is a priority—I consider my clients as an extended family, and I'm committed to ensuring I never let you down. You all hold such significance that I'd take every possible measure to ensure your day is nothing short of perfect, even if unforeseen circumstances arise.


I offer flexible coverage options to suit your needs:
Ceremony Only: A comprehensive 2-hour coverage, starting just before the ceremony and extending beyond the portraits.
Half Day: Provides 5 hours of coverage, allowing you to allocate this time within the package details as you see fit.
Full Day: Typically spans from 10 am until 8 pm, encompassing the preparation, the day's events, and capturing the magic of the first dance. Once the festivities transition to a photo booth scenario, I generally conclude my coverage. If you'd like me to stay beyond this point, arrangements need to be made in advance and are billed at £150 per additional hour.
Each package is crafted to offer flexibility while ensuring your key moments are beautifully captured. If you have specific preferences or need tailored coverage, I'm here to accommodate and make your day unforgettable!


Absolutely! I completely understand that family and friends will want to capture their own memories of your special day—that's part of the joy! While I encourage everyone to take photos and celebrate, my role is to ensure you receive the best shots possible.

During key moments, like when I'm capturing important scenes or orchestrating staged portraits, I kindly ask for a bit of space. If someone inadvertently gets in the way, I'll politely request a step aside to ensure I can capture those cherished moments flawlessly.
Especially during the staged portraits, I'll politely ask that no one has their phones out. It helps maintain focus and ensures everyone is looking in the right direction for those perfect, timeless shots that you'll treasure forever. Ultimately, it's all about ensuring we create a beautiful collection of images that reflect the magic of your day!


I completely understand the importance of familiarity with your venue. If I've had the pleasure of working there before, it means I'll already be acquainted with the layout, the best photo spots, and the team's dynamics, which helps things run smoothly.
If I haven't worked at your venue previously, no worries at all! I'll ensure to arrive earlier on the day to familiarize myself with the location. I'll take a walk around, introduce myself to the team, and scout the area to find the best spots for your photos. It doesn't take too long, and it ensures I'm well-prepared to capture the essence of your day beautifully.
And hey, if you've seen some Instagram-worthy photos or have specific shots in mind that you'd love to recreate, please do share! We'll take inspiration from those, but let's aim to make your photos even more spectacular and uniquely yours. Together, we'll create something truly stunning!


Once you reach out to me, I'll promptly get in touch. We'll start by going through the booking process. I'll email you a booking form and an invoice. Once the booking fee of £300 is settled, your date is securely reserved. To ensure quality, I limit myself to photographing only 4 full days a month, allowing ample time for meticulous editing.
Following this, you'll receive a questionnaire to help me get to know you better. At 3 months and 3 weeks before your wedding, you'll receive more detailed questionnaires. This will give us the chance to delve into your preferences, understand your other suppliers, and capture the style of photos you're dreaming of. A week before the big day, I'll ask for your set photo list, ensuring we don't miss any special shots you have in mind.


it's where I fine-tune the tones and colors to match my signature style. I focus on balancing these elements rather than retouching. While I can remove any unexpected facial spots, extensive cosmetic editing requires specialized services, which I can arrange for an additional cost. It's important to note that my approach revolves around authentic photography rather than heavy photoshopping.

Editing a full day typically takes about 30 hours due to the volume of images—usually around 700 to 1000. I estimate a maximum 10-week delivery time, though often, it's delivered much sooner than this.
This thorough process ensures that your images reflect the essence of your day while respecting your preferences and ensuring a seamless journey from booking to delivery.


Yes, I'm fully insured through Hiscox, providing coverage for personal and public liability. If your venue requires a copy of this insurance, please share my email with them, and I'll promptly send over the necessary documentation.

In terms of equipment, I work with a Sony A7III camera body as my primary, and I always have a spare camera body available in my car as a backup. Additionally, I use a variety of lenses, including primes and zooms, each contributing to different styles of images. I particularly love using my macro lens for those stunning close-up shots of the rings and intricate details.

To ensure optimal lighting in various situations, I utilize both on-camera flash and off-camera lighting. This setup allows me to adapt to different lighting conditions, guaranteeing that I'm prepared to capture your day beautifully, regardless of the circumstances.


For venues within 30 miles of TN23, the travel is included in the package—this typically covers a vast area in Kent. However, for venues beyond this radius, I calculate the travel charges based on factors such as distance, potential congestion, and the time required.

If your venue falls outside the included radius, just let me know the location, and I'll promptly provide you with the most accurate pricing based on the specific details.


pop over to the journey tab to read the whole process.


To book your date and secure me as your photographer I require.

A signed contact and 50% of the package within 3 days of booking
This saves your date in my diary – I only photograph 1 wedding a day and a total of 30 a year this is to give all my couple my devotion before the wedding and after during the editing stages, so nothing is ever rushed.

The booking fee : this serves to cover the extensive work I undertake leading up to your wedding. This includes consultations, necessary paperwork, pre-meetings, and ensuring everything is meticulously planned for your special day. Importantly, this booking fee is non-refundable as it’s designated for work already completed or scheduled, and it secures your exclusive date.

6 Months before:
The remaining 50 % is then split into 2 payments to make this easier for you both
One payment is due at 6months

3 Months before:
The last 25% is due to be paid

Payment Plan option:
I can divide your 50% balance to spread over a monthly payment for you

It's important to highlight that your date is at risk If you do not make the balance payments on time.


I appreciate the consideration, but honestly, I don't expect to be provided a meal by the venue. While some venues do offer a photographer meal, it's not something I require or include in my contract. I'm there to work and capture your day, not to be a guest at your event.

During a full-day coverage of around 10 hours, I typically schedule a break for myself while you're having your meal. This ensures I can recharge and be ready to continue capturing beautiful moments throughout the day. However, please don't feel obligated to include an extra meal for me in your already expanding list of expenses. I'll manage my break accordingly, and your focus can remain on enjoying your day to the fullest.


Absolutely, I photograph weddings for all couples, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It's important to create a safe and inclusive space where everyone feels respected and celebrated for who they are.

When people say, "I don't care if they're gay or not, a wedding is a wedding," it might come from a place of trying to be accepting, but it can overlook the significance of acknowledging and embracing individual identities. I believe it's crucial to care and acknowledge these aspects because they are integral parts of who you are as a couple.

I genuinely care about using gender-neutral language, respecting your correct pronouns, and creating an environment where you feel entirely welcome, validated, and celebrated. Love is love, and I'm here to offer a warm, friendly, and professional service to all couples, ensuring that your wedding day is captured with joy, authenticity, and respect for your unique story.


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If you have a burning question or a specific inquiry about your wedding or anything else, send me a message, and I'll get back to you with the answer as soon as possible.

Your query matters, and I'm here to help!