I'm Lisa, a 39-year-old mum to three amazing children, one of whom has ADHD and autism. These last 12 years have taught me invaluable lessons—embracing life with a relaxed, happy-go-lucky, "go with the flow" attitude. I've learned that each moment is precious, and every day deserves to be cherished.

This perspective guides my approach, especially when it comes to weddings. Rain? No worries! Grab some wellies, I've got the umbrellas—let's make a splash and create unforgettable memories. Life's about living and savoring those moments.

So, why choose me among the multitude of photographers and websites? I bring adaptability. It's not just about a photoshoot or my portfolio—it's about capturing your day so you can relive it endlessly. I don't limit the number of images because how could I choose what to give you? Your story deserves to be complete.

On your special day, I ensure priorities are in place. From being at the right spots to making sure you both have time to breathe and savor those quiet moments, I've got it covered. Not into staged photos? No problem. We'll discuss what suits you best beforehand.

Communication is key to a great experience with me. I'm not just a supplier you book and forget—I encourage messaging, sharing inspirations, your dress photos, anything that helps me understand your story better. The more I know, the better I can capture what truly matters to you.

I'm all about blending into your circle. My couples love how I become part of the celebration, capturing natural smiles, not forced "Chandler Bing style" photos (Yes, huge 'Friends' fan here!).

When it comes to weddings, I believe it's not about lights, camera, action—it's about saying "I do," celebrating, and having a blast. That's why I embarked on this journey, breaking away from traditional norms, and focusing on what truly matters—the two of you.

In 2022, I shadowed a photographer and realized I wanted to offer more—a personal touch, genuine connection, and ongoing support beyond the wedding day. So, I ventured out, earned a photography diploma with distinction, and here I am!

2023 marked my first solo year, capturing 28 weddings, earning 5-star reviews, being published in 6 magazines, and receiving nominations for prestigious awards. I was also awarded Best Newcomer which has honestly blown me away!

In 2024, my calendar is bustling, and 2025/26 are filling up fast. Don't hesitate to reach out early—I hate disappointing anyone. Let's chat with no pressure to book. Your happiness and comfort matter most to me.

Can't wait to connect and make your day as magical as you've always dreamed!